Gift Pack

Your gift pack includes:

A Natural Gift for Children

  • A dedicated plot of land in Scotland
  • Join the little Lords & Ladies of Alba Wood
  • Certificate with unique plot details
  • Activity booklet, arts & crafts
  • Little Landowners experience
Join us for only $30.00

What do you get?

For a one-off payment of $30.00 your child will receive…

Plot of land

A dedicated plot of land

Get a 30cm x 30cm plot of land and join the little Lords & Ladies of Alba Wood

Gift pack

The outdoor themed gift pack includes arts & crafts, puzzles, colouring and more

Little Landowners outing

Little Landowner Experience

Little Lords & Ladies can visit their plot of land in on our experience days


Ready to join the Little Landowners?

Join us for only $30.00

Becoming a little Lord or Lady

Little Landowners Certificate

Landowners in Scotland have long been known as Lairds.  Laird is a Scottish word.  The English translation of Laird is Lord, and the female equivalent of both titles is Lady.

All Little Landowners receive a unique and a dedicated plot of land in Scotland measuring 30cm x 30cm (defined legally as a souvenir plot of land), and will receive a lovely A5 parchment certificate displaying their unique plot details.  The certificate has a space where the little Lord or Lady’s name can be written.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

– Albert Einstein

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How to find us

Each plot of land forms a part of the beautiful Alba Wood, near Duror, Scotland.
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