4 reasons to limit children’s screen time

Whether your child is five or fifteen, limiting tech time is a good idea.

Hamish diggingTechnology does have many upsides, but spending all of their time on devices can affect numerous areas of their life. Here are four reasons you should limit your child’s tech time.

1. Better sleep

Cutting back on tech time before sleep is a good idea to make sure your child gets the rest they need. If you allow phones or other devices in the bedroom at night, it’s difficult to know how much they are really being used. You might think your child has gone to sleep, but they may sneak back on and spend a few hours there. At least one hour before bedtime it’s a good idea to shut down all devices to allow your child’s brain to relax so they can sleep better. This will also give your child a chance to do read, journal, or do another quiet activity. Keep devices out of bedrooms at night to insure sleep instead of play.

2. Help improve focus

If your child is always distracted by their devices, it can become more difficult for them to focus on doing one task at a time. When your child is doing a task that requires their full attention, make sure they aren’t distracted by devices. This will allow your child to get their work done and absorb the information they’re learning. By constantly using devices your child’s brain is becoming used to constant stimulation, which makes it more difficult for it slow down and focus on one task like homework, reading, doing a puzzle, or even having a conversation with someone.

3. Protect their eyes

Too much screen time isn’t good for your child’s eyes. It causes eye strain, which can lead to headaches. Devices also let off blue light which is especially harmful to a child’s eyes because they aren’t fully developed and don’t have enough natural protection. It’s important to get your child into the habit of taking frequent breaks from looking at the screen to look at something in the distance for a few seconds. Natural light is also good during these screen breaks.

4. Watch their creativity blossom

It’s easy to get on a device and be entertained, but it doesn’t help your child to be creative. In order to be creative your child needs time to think for themselves. Being bored is not necessarily a bad thing. It will give your child a chance to find something to do instead of relying on television or devices to entertain them. Make sure your child has access to creative tools such as paper, crayons, paints, blocks for building, and other arts and crafts items, etc. When the weather is good, encourage them to play outside. Creativity will help your child in many areas of life including social interaction, cognitive development, and even physical development.

There are many benefits to technology that should be taken advantage of, but it’s equally important to create a balance in your child’s life so that they experience a variety of things.