Gift Pack

Your gift pack includes:

Lords and Ladies

  • A dedicated plot of land in Scotland
  • Join the little Lords & Ladies of Alba Wood
  • Certificate with unique plot details
  • Activity booklet, arts & crafts
  • Little Landowners experience
Join us for only $30.00

Become a Little Landowner and join the little Lords and Ladies of Alba Wood.

Little Landowners have their very own dedicated plot of land in Alba Wood, and Scottish landowners have traditionally been called Lairds.

Laird is a Scottish word.  The English translation of this word is Lord, and the female equivalent of both titles is Lady.

We are not suggesting that our Little Landowners are buying a title, but because they are buying a dedicated plot of land in Scotland (defined legally as a souvenir plot of land) we will address them as little Lords and Ladies to help create a sense of community amongst our customers (and it’s fun!)

Hamish playing bagpipes

Hamish the Hedgehog