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Nature Watch

  • A dedicated plot of land in Scotland
  • Join the little Lords & Ladies of Alba Wood
  • Certificate with unique plot details
  • Activity booklet, arts & crafts
  • Little Landowners experience
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Honey Bees Landing Zone

This live camera is situated at the entrance of a bee hive, nestled inside a large hollow log in the town of Waal in Bavaria, Germany. Watch as Carniolan honey bees enter and leave the hive during their busy

Charlo Montana Osprey Nest

Nesting near the treetop home of Charlo’s great horned owl family is an osprey pair, Charlie and Charlotte, who have built a comfortable nest on this raised platform overlooking a picturesque field. Watch as Charlie and Charlotte raise a family!

Charlotte’s Pasture

Welcome to Charlotte’s Pasture, home to Honey, a former gestation sow, and her recently adopted babies Cameron and Ben David. To the right, you may be able to catch a glimpse of Farm Sanctuary’s main pig pasture, which is home to many of their elderly pig residents.

Hamish the Hedgehog