The ultimate geocaching gift for children

Geocaching Hamish

Little Landowners is a unique gift pack for children which is sure to delight and inspire.  In addition to receiving a dedicated plot of land in Scotland and becoming a little Lord or Lady of Alba Wood, Little Landowners receive an outdoor-activity themed activity booklet full of puzzles and information about nature.

We hope to encourage as many Little Landowners as possible to begin geocaching, which we believe to be a wonderful, wholesome activity for children.  Geocaching encourages children to get outdoors, be physically active and fosters a spirit of curiosity.

Little Landowners Geocaching Tokens

Little Landowners Geocaching Tokens

To that end, we have created Hamish The Hedgehog’s guide to geocaching and our gift pack comes with 3 custom-made wooden geocaching tokens.  These tokens can be exchanged for other SWAG (Stuff We All Get) when the children unearth some hidden treasure.